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About Leather

Lori Andreasen

It is difficult to buy leather online. 

Shopping for leather in person is easier .... until you see the price tag. You can find a wider selection and value online, but can't reach out and touch the product. We touched the sample bags and will do our best to describe them for you. 

I thought I would NEVER buy a leather bag online until I began looking for knitting bags for the store. I felt like a hypocrite. I carry my portable knitting project in a zippered cosmetic case. My favorite knitting bag is a Gucci hobo tote. I stopped carrying it because too many people tried to reach inside - what is wrong with the world? I switched to cute canvas bags. They are easier to reach inside than my leather tote, but no one seems interested in stealing things carried in cute canvas bags. 

What a great idea for our print on demand store - a canvas bag with "nothing worth stealing" printed on it.... link forthcoming

There must be millions of attractive bags manufactured every day. Unfortunately, most available bags - nylon, leather, ostrich feather, you name it - are junk. Many "leather" bags aren't leather! However, there are a few manufacturers making quality goods. A smart and determined buyer can find excellent values for her customers. 

Looking at the infrequent blog posts, you probably assume we are at the beach drinking daiquiris... no....Florida beaches are suffering with "red tide" and I am asthmatic ....I have been digging around the worldwide accessory marketplace from my supremely uncomfortable desk chair. Yesterday, was a day off spent getting new glasses to be able to see the computer screen better from the aforementioned chair and continue product search and research.

A few things to know about buying leather..

  • An item can be labeled "leather" if it comes from cow, pig or sheep skin. We specify "cow leather" to be clear if an item is "leather". A few products are from other skins and labeled accordingly.
  • There are too many types of finished leather to discuss each one now. More on those later.
  • Many disreputable companies market polyurethane bags by calling them leather. Not us. Polyurethane - faux leather - vegan leather - what ever you call it - is not leather. It is a modern, cruelty free, easy care, affordable material. We have some beautiful high quality polyurethane bags.
  • We check factory material sources and check samples before offering anything on sale on the site. 
  • Our descriptions and photos are honest depictions of products offered. If a shipped product differs form the photos or description, contact returns@aliveandstitching.com immediately.
  • Rest assured, we expect consistent quality from our suppliers. Bait and switch nonsense will not be tolerated!
  • Buying directly from well screened manufacturers provides consistent quality. Bags are sent directly from the manufacturers. Many are sent from with warehouses in US. Our first offerings are from manufactures in China shipping directly from China or from their own warehouses in US. These manufacturers also make products for the top brands in the world- that is why we are buying goods from them.





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