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Blogging about Silk as I Caress Sample Swatches

Lori Andreasen

Working with and wearing silk is a fiber snob's dream. If you aren't used to sewing with silk, here are a few terms to know.

momme  In simplest terms, momme weight describes the weight of 100 yards of silk, 45 inches wide, in pounds. If a  fabric is listed with a momme weight of 8mm, it means that 100 yards of the fabric weighs 8 pounds.

crepe de chineSilk crepe de chine, from the French “crepe of China”, is a famously versatile silk. It is lustrous and glossy with a subtle texture. Silk crepe is made with tightly twisted weft yarns running in reverse directions from left to right. These twisted yarns produce both the crepe texture of the material and its flexible drape.

habotai: Also known as "china silk" this is the classic silk fabric. This fabric has a soft and supple hand and a lustrous sheen. Habotai is especially popular with fiberartists because the smooth surface is lovely for fabric painting. Habotai sets the standard for coat linings, light blouses, scarves and silk painting.


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