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Doing our nails this afternoon!

Lori Andreasen

Our virtual nails, anyway. We will have to wait 12-20 weeks for our next batch of goodies ... aka samples...to arrive.

For years, I have been keeping my nails short and natural  - artificially natural looking with coats of base coat, sheer nude nail polish and topcoat. My nails became weak and split after a period of illness and poorly regulated thyroid supplements. I am on the mend, but my nails are still weak and split. 

A friend talked me into getting acrylic overlays and tips done. Except for a few comical mishaps with "press on nails" in my teens, I haven't done "fake nails". Nail tech has come a long way since the Reagan era!

My friend has always had gorgeous nails maintained with monthly visits to the mail spa. My experience differed. My overlays and tips started popping off days after my salon visit. I needed to schedule appointments every other week! Too much time and money being spent at the salon!   I walked out of the spa after the tech ground thru the acrylic into my natural nail. Ouch. When I pay more than I can afford to someone to do my nails, I expect her to pay attention to her grinder!!!

My nails are in worse shape than ever. I asked two ladies in the local commerce group for advice. They are both salon owners. Neither is computer savvy - yet - we are working on that together. In turn, they are advising me on their favorite products. As I help source products for my new colleagues' salons, I am adding select products to the shop! Win Win for everyone!!!

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October 26, 2018 4:11pm

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