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Lori Andreasen

We are importing Elite99 directly from the manufacturer. The company conducts both research and production of nail products. They have been exporting nail care products since 2015. They have the appropriate licenses and MSDS safety reports. Ingredient lists are available also - you can take the chemical engineer out of the field, but not out of the girl! Like many people, I am concerned about ingredients in food and cosmetics.

The company also does "private label" manufacturing for companies in Europe and the United States. They do not sell "private label" brands to third parties like us. Their own brands provide excellent quality at value b

As of October 2018, Elite products are 10% of the North American Market. I haven't seen them in Boca. In fact, I haven't seen any of the cool polishes the fashionistas on Instagram are sporting in local stores or salons. Some are heading for our mailbox!!

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Wish I had a robot or a secretary to help with this "add product" business. Maybe an android like Michael Fassbinder in the Alien movie ... but taller .... Nevermind,  I wouldn't get anything accomplished at all with a handsome android at my beck and call.


26 October 2018 7:27pm pm

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